The Story So Far…

Astrosaurus Games is a one-man game-making show, founded by Neil Armstrong to make silly arcade-style games.

Although Astrosaurus Games is only an uppity upstart at the moment, I’ve just launched our first Wii U game, Collateral Thinking! Learn more about it in the “Our Games” section.

What is an Astrosaurus?
The Astrosaurus is a noble beast, a dynamic dinosaur with a taste for adventure and also for grass! These creatures bravely explore the galaxy, spreading cheer and letting people use their necks like a slide.

Why Astrosaurus?
I consider the Astrosaurus to be my spirit animal, and not just because we’re both vegetarians with astronaut-themed names. Just as the Astrosaurus brings prehistory into the space age, my games reinterpret the classics of yesteryear and fix them up with today’s bells and whistles. Mix together arcade experiences with modern game design, and you’ve got Astrosaurus Games!

What makes you so special?!
The videogames I make are not going to win any beauty pageants, but I can promise that beyond their rough edges that each game comes from the heart of a true dork with a lifelong love of Nintendo. All I want is to provide affordable experiences that are weird, warm, and worth coming back to.

How do you do it?
I say this knowing that my games are not the sharpest dressers, but in all honesty it’s not that difficult! I have no background in coding or in art, a little bit of musical know-how, and a few silly ideas. Even with those meagre ingredients, anyone can make pretty amazing games nowadays! Personally, I use an HTML5-based program called Construct 2, and it is just the best. Free to start, no need for coding knowledge, tons of tutorials, and a hugely helpful community. If you’ve ever had any interest in making a game, please give it a try! If this idiot can do it, you definitely can.