Collateral Thinking

GamePad - Boot Image

Title: Collateral Thinking
Genre: Platformer / Arcade
Platform: Wii U
Price: $2.99
Launch Date: August 18th, 2016


Our flagship game! Collateral Thinking is an arcade-style action platformer for Wii U that’s all about beating up alien ghosts, recovering blueprints, and rescuing billionaires on a tight schedule (and budget). Each level is a self-contained screen that gives you one of four specific tasks to complete in 30 short seconds – to “Avoid” the hazards, to “Bust” the enemies, to “Collect” the blueprints, or to “Defeat” the bosses. These quickfire challenges force you to quickly survey your surroundings and then jump into action in order to progress through the 100+ floors and net as much cash as possible along the way. You can climb Spearmint Tower solo, or bring along a friend to share in the frustration!


The game is meant to blend the core floor-climbing, obstacle-negotiation of Donkey Kong with the original Mario Bros.’ single-screen management, and then crank up the speed, intensity, and absurdity. There’s also a hint of Wario Ware, as the levels are always changing objectives! With over 100 levels, unlockable characters with new playstyles, two-player action, and toe-tapping tunes, Collateral Thinking is more than ready to satisfy your arcade addiction!

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If you are interested in checking out a brief, browser-based demo then click here! In this demo, you navigate menus and guide your character around with the arrow keys, you can jump (and choose options) with the A key, and whack aliens with the S key once you’ve retrieved the toolbox. Remember that you can charge up a projectile “wrench toss” by holding down the S key and letting go once Grin starts to sparkle. You can also pause with the space bar. The Wii U version will (obviously) let you use a GamePad, Wii Remote, or Pro Controller!