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⇒ Collateral Thinking ⇐

Our first and favourite child! Collateral Thinking is an arcade-style action platformer about beating up alien ghosts and rescuing billionaires on a tight schedule (and budget). With a dizzying 100+ floors of nail-biting, head-scratching, hopping and bopping gameplay, there is never any shortage of evildoers to throw hammers and wrenches at! Collateral Thinking… No Fix Is Quicker™!
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Ruff Copy ⇐


Our sophomore effort, Ruff Copy is a puzzle game about rescuing hundreds of cloned dogs from the evil clutches of the Golden Laboratories Research Company! Lead these duplicate pooches to safety using nothing but a laser pointer and that big old brain of yours, exploring the different biomes and experimenting with the different devices in each of the 100+ test chambers. The dog daze is just beginning!
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