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Try out some of the smaller-scale games I’ve made, and learn all about my early beginnings and failed experiments!

Killer of Ghost Faces

The very first anything I made, and it is pretty much a piece of garbage. You play a robot named GFK, and kill a bunch of violent ghosts. I took an existing game tutorial that Scirra created for Construct 2, and just changed the sound effects, the graphics, and a few gameplay odds and ends. The whole thing is pretty laughable, but I still love the music.

You move around with the arrow keys, and aim and shoot with the mouse.
Try it out here!


The second thing I ever made, and only a slight step up from the first. I love platformers more that anything, so I wanted to try my hand at one as soon as possible. The game is named after the main character, Spearmint, who also features prominently in Collateral Thinking. He’s called Spearmint because that sounds vaguely like “experiment”, and he’s a bear in a suit because that’s just plain adorable. Also, the music makes a repeat appearance in Collateral Thinking as well.

You use the arrow keys to move and jump around, making your way up the platforms and clouds in order to reach the moon. The Fuzz are going to try and stop you, so take them out with a well-timed bop on the head.
Try it out here!