Upcoming Update Update

So Collateral Thinking is out in the wild! Very weird, very cool that people I don’t even know are playing this thing I’ve weird little thing I’ve been working on secretly for ages.

I’ve been combing over the reviews, the comments, and talking to some people playing the game so I could make some tweaks and fixes to the game in an update – and that update is now submitted to Nintendo, so hopefully it will be beaming to your Wii Us soon!

Here’s what it will add…
1. Multiplayer: The whole game can now be played through with two players, and there is now a co-op exclusive fourth character!
2. Remix Mode: There is a “remix” mode that’s unlocked once you beat the game that cycles randomly through all 112 stages. Only experts should apply!
3. Pay Stub: There is now a “Pay Stub” on the game over screen that shows how much money you made and how many floors you’ve cleared, which makes it even easier to show off on Miiverse!
4. Optimization / Bug Fixes: Some minor lag and collision-detection errors were fixed, making for an even silkier smooth experience! A few minor tweaks to the platforming physics and to movement animations that make the controls feel that much tighter.
5. Difficulty Adjustments: The beginning stages now have a few tips and pointers for those starting out, and checkpoints will save progress every ten floors as opposed to every twenty. It’s still no cakewalk, but this should mean less time replaying the same first few stages and also fewer GamePads being thrown at TVs (hopefully).

So it should add a few reasons to come back to the game, and a few reasons to jump in if you haven’t already! If anyone out there has other feedback or suggestions about the game, please let me know.

Have fun!


Author: Astrosaurus Games

I'm a fresh-faced independent developer, looking to make games that combine the best of the arcade yesteryears with the smarts and flashiness of the current todays.

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