DEMO+ Col-LATE-ral Thinking!

We have a good news / bad news situation on our hands here, so let’s rip off the adhesive strip!

First off, it is looking like Collateral Thinking is going to be releasing a little later. It’s now on track for August 18th, which will make it a simultaneous, global launch along with the Europe release!

Now a little good news! If you were interested in checking out Collateral Thinking before you dropped your three hard-earned bucks on it, your time has come. Check out a brief, browser-based snippet of the games first 20 levels (and a few extra for good measure) here!

For this browser-demo, you navigate menus and guide your character around with the arrow keys, you can jump (and choose options) with the A key, whack aliens with the S key once you’ve retrieved the toolbox. Remember that you can charge up a projectile “wrench toss” by holding down the S key and letting go once Grin starts to sparkle. You can also pause with the space bar. The full retail version will (obviously) let you use a GamePad, Wii Remote, or Pro Controller.

Let me know what you think!


Author: Astrosaurus Games

I'm a fresh-faced independent developer, looking to make games that combine the best of the arcade yesteryears with the smarts and flashiness of the current todays.

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